Alcohol and other drug treatment (south)

What is available?

Primary Health Tasmania has commissioned a number of organisations to provide alcohol and other drug services and programs in the southern parts of the state.

They are:

Anglicare Tasmania:

  • screening and brief intervention commonly consisting of a single, time-limited session
  • counselling services delivered by trained professionals
  • case management to provide a strong foundation for care that is person-centred, culturally appropriate, and improves a patient’s quality of life
  • post-treatment or follow-up support that involves supporting individuals once they have completed a recovery or rehabilitation program.

The Salvation Army:

The Salvation Army runs a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, which includes:

  • clinical assessments and referrals
  • individual and group counselling
  • medically supervised home-based withdrawal
  • facilitating appropriate referrals for treatment
  • secondary consultation and medication planning 
  • arrange and follow up specialist health appointments
  • case management AOD interventions
  • post-rehabilitation support and relapse prevention.

Holyoake Tasmania:

  • early intervention
  • brief intervention
  • counselling
  • intensive non-residential programs
  • pre- and post-residential rehabiltation support
  • relapse prevention.

Who is eligible?


Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services (ADATS)

  • people (18yrs+) who have experienced negative impacts including harm or impairment from the use or misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services PLUS (ADATS-plus):

  • young people (12-18yrs), or people who are experiencing homelessness and/or co-morbid mental health issues, who have experienced negative impacts including harm or impairment from the use or misuse of alcohol and drugs.

The Salvation Army:

The Bridge Program:

  • men and women who require comprehensive intervention for alcohol and other drug use.

Holyoake Tasmania:

“Get Real” program:

  • young people (12-25 years) their families and communities, who are experiencing difficulties due to their own or someone else’s problematic drug and/or alcohol issues.

“Gottawanna” program

  • adults who are seeking help for their substance and/or problematic gambling or any other addictive behaviour.

Where is it available?

The services are available:

  • statewide through Anglicare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services (ADATS); Anglicare Drug, Alcohol Treatment Services PLUS (ADATS-plus); and The Salvation Army's The Bridge Program
  • in the south through Holyoake's Get Real Program (face to face) and Gottawanna (face to face, and statewide via internet counselling) programs.

Not all services are physically delivered in every local community, but eligible people in the areas indicated have access to some level of service. This could be face to face or through other means such as phone support. Speak to the service providers for more information.

Who can make a referral?

Self-referral, referral from families and carers, general practice, other medical practitioners and allied health professionals, State services and community services.

A collaborative multidisciplinary team care approach is encouraged to maximise client recovery.

How much does it cost?

This service is provided free to eligible clients where service capacity exists. 

Is there a related Tasmanian HealthPathway?

Yes. Health professionals can log in to the Tasmanian HealthPathways portal and search Alcohol and Drugs, under Mental Health.

Who provides the service?

  • Holyoake Tasmania
    03 6224 1777
  • The Salvation Army Bridge Program - Hobart
    03 6232 2900
  • Anglicare Tasmania
    1800 243 232