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Alcohol and other drug treatment (Aboriginal people)

What is available?

Primary Health Tasmania has commissioned the South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation to provide a range of treatments and interventions through the Huon Valley Collaborative Alcohol and other Drugs Program (rullanih teggana), including:

  • screening and brief intervention commonly consisting of a single, time-limited session that aims to motivate individuals to change their behaviour
  • counselling services delivered by trained professionals to support individuals develop self-understanding and make positive changes in their alcohol/drug use behaviours
  • case management to provide a strong foundation for care that is person-centred, culturally appropriate, and improves a patient’s quality of life
  • post treatment or follow-up support that involves supporting individuals once they have completed a recovery or rehabilitation program.

Who is eligible?

Residents of the Huon Valley and Channel region who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, as well as non-Aboriginal people in their families who are experiencing negative impacts from their own, or others' alcohol and/or drugs use.

Are there other alcohol and other drugs services available, but not specific only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

Yes. Read about them here.

Where is it available?

This service is available to people living in the Huon Valley and Channel region.

Please note: statewide alcohol and other drug services are also available, but they are not specifically for clients who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. View them here.

Who can make a referral?

Self-referral, referral from families and carers, general practice, other medical practitioners and allied health professionals, State Government services and community services.

A collaborative and multidisciplinary team care approach is encouraged to maximise client recovery.

How much does it cost?

This service is provided free to eligible people where service capacity exists. 

Who provides the service?

  • South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation
    03 6295 1125